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"Speeddawg, From start to finish you guys were awesome and professional and I am very glad I contacted you for my shifter needs. In this time and age of poor customer service you guys made me happy that you can still do it old school and make it work perfectly. Hats off to you guys and I will definitely recommend you and order from you again. A+ for you guys."

- Michael P., Ellington, CT

Speed Dawg, I received my shift knob from you guys over the weekend and wanted to let you know that this is not a shift knob, it's a work of art! Way better than I expected. The adapter fits perfectly and the knob is a really beautiful addition to my Challenger. Thank you very much!"

- Vincent P., Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Speed Dawg, I received my Plymouth GTX knob and wanted to let you know that you guys really knocked it out of the park! The logos are a perfect match. This shift knob is badass! Thank you so much!"

- Alan S., Lincoln, CA

"Speed Dawg Staff, All you had to say, was made in the USA, and I was sold! It is so easy for companies to sell out and go cheap. But not Speed Dawg! Top notch quality craftsmanship! I will be enjoying this shift knob for years to come. Thank you, Chris, great customer service. Bummed that I missed you at the Gatornationals. Thanks to all at Speed Dawg"

- LJ H., Jacksonville, FL

"Speed Dawg, I just wanted to say how thoroughly impressed I am with your product and also your customer service is unbelievable. Thank you for everything. Thanks!"

- Ryan T., Strathroy, ON, Canada

"Speed Dawg, Damn. This this is awesome! Good job guys!"

 - Tim G., Raleigh, NC

"Speed Dawg, Thank you for great customer service. Thank you for the perfect addition to my '56!"

 Ryan W., Loraine, IL

"Speeddawg, I would like to say I’m am super satisfied with this product.  It looks outstanding and the color matches perfect.  You and your team did good real good.  I am adding pics of the shift knob installed and pic of my car.  The good thing is the install only took me 25 or 30 mins.  Thanks again and best regards."

- Ken E., Tuscaloosa, AL

"Speed dawg, Just writing to say the shifter knob is amazing, beautiful product & easy install since you include perfect quality brass bushing & jam nut!"

- Bryan S., Lander, WY

"Love the Speed Dawg knob, perfect touch for my Yellow Jacket Challenger!!"

- Kurt S., North Cape May, NJ

"Speeddawg, I love it! Your product and customer service is A1! Thanks!"

- Wendi E., Hebron, IN

"Whole new ballgame with the Speed Dawg Shift Knob! Easier and more efficient(solid) shifts! So psyched! Thank you Chris and the Speed Dawg fulfillment crew. Superb customer service! Thank you so much!"

- Anton V., Los Angeles, CA

"Speed Dawg, Thank you so much for going above and beyond and the extra mile for me. You are the best!!"

- Don L., Cummings, GA

"Speed Dawg, Received my ball and stick today. LOVE IT! LOVE the translucent red ball, I see it now and should have had the R/T logo added to it. On the next one! Thank you so much on getting this to me so quickly!"

 - Todd F., Murfreesboro, TN

"Speed Dawg, You're friggen amazing! many thanks and kind regards"

- Sheila F., Victoria, BC, Canada

"Speed Dawg, Thank you! Your customer service is top notch!"

 - Zack H., Ridgefield, WA

"Speed Dawg, I just received my shifter knob and I am completely satisfied with it. Better than I expected and well worth the wait. I will be sending pictures soon after the installation. Thank you again."

 - Jeremy P., Foristell, MO

"Speeddawg, Here is a pic of the new shift knob on my 2023 challenger R/T. Thanks your customer service is A+!"

- Craig K., Santa Clarita, CA

"Love my Speed Dawg Shift Knob!"

- Kyle F., Fulton, NY

"Speed Dawg Shift Knobs, Thank you so much! My new (Plymouth Logo) shift knob looks awesome on my 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury 426 Max Wedge!"

- Mario M., Denton, TX

"Hello! Well I wanted to say thank you so much for your awesome service and Speed Dawg shifter knob! It matched perfectly on my 2019 Challenger R/T Scat Pack 392 Shaker! I am definitely going to recommend you guys to all my friends!  Hammer Down from Northern California!"

 - Jason B., Cloverdale, CA

"SpeedDawg, Firebird knob Received!! Looks amazing!! Cant wait to get it on the car. Thanks for super fast shipping! I will probably order the 12v switch version later on. Thanks again for your help!"

- Chris C., Flowery Branch, GA

"Speed Dawg, This mod took out all of the slop the big bulky pistol grip causes. Thanks for a great and fairly priced product and more importantly for great customer service. 2014 5.7 Dodge Challenger R/T"

- Craig R., Boerne, TX

"Hello Speed Dawg. I ordered the pearl black GTO shift knob from you and I couldn't be happier with it. It fits perfectly and looks great! Here are some pics I wanted to share with you of my 65 GTO with the new shift knob in it. Thank you for your service."

 - Manuel M., Ludlow, MA

"Speed Dawg - Wow! Just got my shifter knob! That was quick! Your product looks awesome and of top notch quality. Also, thank you for the adapter bushings and sticker. I will definitely pass on your company name and products to my fellow Canadians. Thanks!"

- Pat M., Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

"Speed Dawg, I just received my new shift knob and adapter. And I am thrilled to have it. I waited on my porch for the mailman to bring it. Thank you for the speedy service and quality product. I couldn't be happier with my parts and experience. I will definitely be ordering more soon. Thank you again. 2018 Dodge Challenger R/T manual."

- Chad H., Knoxville, TN

"Want to thank you guys at Speed Dawg very much. Absolutely the best shifter knob on the market. It looks so good in my C5 Corvette."

 - Joe S., Sandusky, OH

"Speed Dawg, Just got m
y order for a black shifter ball for my WS6, it really setoff the interior. The original was a stitched leather unit and just didn't fit a performance car. Your product fit the bill. Thanks."

 - Douglas F., New Athens, IL

"Speed Dawg, I would just like to say that I just installed my knobs on my 21 Jeep Willys and they are awesome. Great Quality, and excellent service. Thanks to all of you for making a great product in the U.S.A. I know I will be getting complements on them. Thanks again!"

- Terry C., Belmont, NC

"I can attest that going from a standard shift knob to a speed dawg shift knob is a game changer for those who need a better grip on their shifter. Plus, there are so many to choose from they make it nearly impossible to not find one that will fit your application. Thanks Speed Dawg!"

- Derek K., Mountain Grove, MO

Hello, I received my new shift knob and boy it's gorgeous. That's what I call a super fast service. No wonder you're the Speed dawg. Thank you very much. Best regards."

- Roger L., Tahiti, French Polynesia

"I just received my Speed Dawg shift knob for my Jeep and I want to thank you for a couple of things. First, you got this to me in record time. It seems like we just had the conversation on the phone yesterday and everything that you sent me is exactly what I was hoping for! The quality that Speed Dawg puts in their knobs is the BEST I have ever seen! It reminds me of the big old shift knobs from back in the 60's (and yes, I'm telling you my age) but anyway I just want to thank you. Your customer service is the BEST!! Thank you for taking care of me!"

- David C., Lexington, VA

"Thank You Chris! Your company is amazing. Without doubt the best customer service I've ever had. You took 30 minutes of your day to help me decide what shifter would work best in my 06 Daytona because you knew what it meant to me. To say I'm happy with the finished product is a gross understatement. I feel like the day I got her! Going for a drive now! Thank You All!

- Steven M., Jupiter, FL

"Chris was amazing! Thanks man, Best customer service I've seen in a long time."

 - Matt D., Kissimmee, FL

"I'm not sure where I can post this review but I wanted to let you know I thought you guys were amazing! Customer service top notch! I got a call the next day to confirm my order and made a better suggestion for my 2002 Mustang GT and even waited while I measured to make sure it was the correct fit! Received them and they look stunning in my vert! Thank you so much! I will definitely be passing along your info to all my car friends!"

 Dana K., Flat Rock, MI

I wanted to thank you guys at Speed Dawg. My Shifter Knob is Waaaayyyy more cool that I thought it would be. It is totally BadAss. Thank You for your Superlative Work … Excellent !!! God Bless you guys - Jeffrey"

- Jeffrey F., Montgomery, TX

"Speed Dawg, My shift knob arrived and it looks OUTSTANDING"

 - Sam M, Heath, OH

"First of all I want to start this review out and say what outstanding service I got from speed dawg. The shift ball that I wanted was not in stock and was on back order. After placing my order I got a prompt call the next day and they personally told me that it was on back order. They went through their lineup with what they had in stock to see if anything else would fit my liking. I decided to wait out the back order and get the specific ball I wanted. They were prompt and gave me plenty of updates along the way. I’d like the fact that they took the time to personally make a phone call instead of just emailing me. Talking to him on the phone it’s not just a rush to let you know what’s going on and hang up. It seems as if he took the time to get to know me a little bit and develop a relationship between me the customer him The business. Will definitely be doing business with the guys at speed dawg in the future. Thank you guys for your outstanding service to your customers."

- Dalton S., Jacksonville, FL

"Love this company! Actual customer service! Kept me apprised of my order and was upfront with the timeline to produce it! Great job Speed Dawg!!!"

 Rick A., Okawville, IL

"Very good customer service even helped get the lettering in the color that I wanted. Got it here in maybe a week."

 Bobby W., Cottonwood, AL

"I've bought 2 knobs from you guys both are awesome. Thanks Chris."

 Jay P., Dunbar, WV

"Speed Dawg, I'm in awe of how nice these knobs are. Really happy with them."

 Dave P., Asbury, NJ

"Love our Speed Dawg shifter knob! Thank you for being so helpful and having great customer service!"

 L. Bischoff, Lakeside Marblehead, OH

"Speed Dawg, Received my shifter knob and it is perfect. Your engraved custom pattern is quality. I am giving my car builder your contact information to use if he has other projects. Thank you."

- Steve S., Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

"Hi there Speed Dawg, thanks so much for the awesome knob! My husband was very excited to replace his original. Looks great on his 2021 S/T Go Mango Challenger." 

- Chrissy C., Sugar Grove, IL

"I love my new shift knobs from Speed Dawg! They are awesome and their customer service is over the top! If your in the market you definitely need to check them out!"

- Walker E., Maryville, TN

"Got my Speed Dawg shift knob today for my jeep. Have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I placed the order because you never know what you are getting for your money.  But now that I have seen and installed it, it is well worth the money.  Fit and finish are great. Should last a long time. Would definitely recommend your products to everyone, very pleased....thanks again!!!!"

- Rick L., Palmyra, MO

Thank you speed Dawg! The shifter ball is beautiful and fits great. Again thank you!"

- Tony K., Wake, VA

"I love my Speed Dawg shift knobs they are perfect for my Wrangler, they have Wrangler engraved on the sides of them. I just ordered one for my other Wrangler."

- Toby W., Rocky Top, TN

"This came out WONDERFUL. Thank you very much for the A++++ job. Very happy to install this. Thank you!"

 - Jason G., Phoenix, AZ

"Speed Dawg, Thank you so much!! It looks so good. Stellar job."

 - Ntanzi S., Greenacres, FL

"Thank you for the great product. Makes my Barton shifter feel that much better, with the adapter and Speeddawg shift knob. I would also like to thank you for being so forthcoming in righting the Postal Service's possible delivery snafu. Thankfully all was finally delivered well."

- Nick L., Brooklyn, NY

"Good morning Speed Dawg, I just received my shift knob. Very, very excellent quality. I can't thank you enough. You all do some excellent work! Thank you for the stickers and keep up the good work!"

- Paul M., White Oak, TX

"Speed Dawg, Just sending you a thank you. Very pleased with the shift knob. Great quality. Love the addition to my Challenger!!"

- Kevin D., Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Speed Dawg, I just wanted to take the time to say what a great product this is. Installation was super easy mainly because the instructions were perfect and very easy to follow. The shift knob that was in my truck before was broken and loose and this has really improved my driving experience."

- Justin J., Lexington, SC

"Here are a few photos, 2017 Challenger Hellcat. Your shift knob looks amazing in the car!!!!! In today’s world “Customer service” is non existent! When I ordered a shift knob I received a quick reply the exact one I originally wanted was not in stock. MOST companies would have left it there, speed dawg went above and beyond (this was ordered to ship on time for a birthday) I thought well just another letdown with more excuses, I bet I’m going to get “in these uncertain times” bla bla bla (tired of hearing that crap) I was stunned after 8:30pm I get a personal message with “well while that one is out we do have many to ship ASAP, may I ask what colors you like?” I was shocked by this (customer service was ACTUALLY happening!!) so I responded with a few color choices. Not but 30 min later I was sent another email with which ones they could send to meet this date. I got many options, picked one, they changed my order for me and the next morning I got my confirmation my purchase shipped!! This company needs to be recognized for its service! There is NO need to purchase anywhere else plus the products are amazing quality and the price is perfect!!!!!! You have earned many customers for life! Well done (oh and not to mention I received a follow up call about my purchase!!) I have spent many thousands on other products and never another word, I spent less than $100 and had better customer service than purchases many thousands' more!!! 

- Torry M., Orange Park, FL

"I just installed my new Speed Dawg knob and it is gorgeous! You guys do fantastic work! I ordered a custom knob to match my Grabber Orange Mustang and it was totally worth the wait! I am super happy! I even put your decal on my side window. Kudos to Speed Dawg!"

- Howard B., Fayetteville, NC

"Aloha! I just received this beautiful work of art. You call a shift knob! The youtube videos from work, play, drive really helped me. In making this awesome piece! To work with my Barton Shifter! My hat is off you to your crew! For making this transaction and shifts on my Ube-Bae! A DREAM COME TRUE!"

- Cornelio C., Kahului, Hawaii

"Speed Dawg, You guys have an awesome product and customer service out of this world!!"

 - Daniel F., Clarksburg, WV

"Speed Dawg, Love my custom shifter knob, thanks guys!"

- RJ R., Westminster, CO

"Speed Dawg, I wish everything in the world worked as smoothly as working with you folks! I just received my shift knob and I am thrilled with the look, the quality and your exceptional customer service! You have exceeded my expectations and my expectations are high. I am so grateful that you are out there making products that are superior to the rest of the industry. This will be the crowning touch to the interior of my '34! Thank you again!"

- Derrell G., Brea, CA

Dear Speed Dawg, I just installed shifter knob on my car. It's very cool and high quality. Thank you very much and I'm very happy!!! Best regards,"

- Tatsuhiro F., JAPAN

"Love my Speed Dawg. Thanks for a great product. MADE IN USA!!!!!!!!"

- Dirk S., Watkins Glen, NY

"Good Morning Speed Dawg, Attached are photos of my '34 3window coupe. I purchased one of your oversized Speed Dawg logo white balls for this car. It is easy for me to get a positive grip and the quality is awesome. The fact that it looks really cool is a bonus! Thanks for a great product and very fast shipping."

- Don V., Trappe, MD

"Speed Dawg - Thank you for the great customer service. I love my new shift knob, great quality and looks great!"

- Tom M., Monroe, WA

"I purchased a shifter adapter for my dart. I had previously ordered a knob from another retailer and no thread size fit. The adapter was perfect , however, my knob would not fit the adapter. My next step was to stick with your company and actually read. So I ordered a beautiful knob and it in fact fits the adapter. I can finally drive my car again. Thanks for having a great product line."

- Floyd S., Graham, WA

"Speeddawg, Just wanted to say thank you. I talked to Chris for a few minutes before I ordered my shift knob. I sure appreciate his knowledge of the product and his advice. You guys are awesome. The shift knob is unique and quality seems top notch. God bless you all."

- Brian S., Greenwood, IN

"Speed Dawg, Good evening. Just wanted to share pictures of the shift knob that I received from you guys. I am so impressed by it. Thanks again for the assistance with making it fit! 1990 Ford Mustang GT."

- Clint W., Manchester, MD

"Speed Dawg, The order has been received and installed, I love it. Simply amazing!"

- Jorge P., Miami, FL

"Fantastic product. Speedy delivery. The 392 super bee shift knob looks fantastic in my 2014 dodge charger srt SuperBee. Thank you!"

- Jeffrey B., Plymouth, MA

"I just received my Black Pearl Stingray emblem shift knob and man, it way better than I expected and I expected it to be top notch! It's shiny, comfortable and looks great! I just wanted you to know that I am a happy customer and if anyone asks where it got it I'm sending them your way. Thanks again!"

- Laney D., South Bend, IN

"Finally got my Speed Dawg shift knob in the mail (with Challenger short stick adapter). Installed it right away. Throws definitely feel shorter. Highly recommend to Challenger owners, adds style and feels better in the hand while shifting. Thanks guys."

- Alex A., Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

"I received my Speed Dawg Camaro shift knobs and they are flawless! Excellent job! Thank you!"

- David H., Saginaw, MI

"Awesome addition to my Wrangler! High quality and quick service! Thank you Speed Dawg for a great product!"

- Jason N., Spring Lake, NC

"I just installed my Speed Dawg Shift Knobs on my 2015 Jeep Wrangler. I think the 8-Ball and “Cue” Ball make a great combination! Thanks for a great customer service, fast delivery and awesome product."

- Jeff N., Harriman, NY

"Hello Speed Dawg, I recieved my shift knob and it was an easy install and a nice little upgrade. I cant find a review link for your site but I'd like to leave one. Here are a few pics, before and after. Thank you for the quick delivery, very happy with the service and the product."

- Rob D., Oak Harbor, WA

"Hi Guys, Confirming receipt (of the Speed Dawg Jeep Wrangler shift knobs). As expected, these new knobs of yours (and now my very own knobs) have vastly improved the motoring experience. Cheers!"

- Cal D., Sydney, Australia

"My new Speed Dawg shift knob arrived and I am blown away. I love this knob. The little things sometimes make the biggest difference."

- Don W., York Haven, PA

"Hi I just wanted to say how happy I am with the look and performance of my new speeddawg shift knob. It matches great with my blue/yellow themed Sunoco tribute to the Penske trans am race car. I also just did the LT T56 swap and wired the switch to the reverse lockout it works great and feels good to hold on to and grab gears. Thanks for a wonderful quality product."

- Dan S., Oakland Park, FL

"Speed Dawg Shift Knobs- Can't say this guys did an AMAZING job with my shift knob, man it is SHARP! Also lovin how crisp the momentary switch is! Thanks guys for quality work!"

- Jim H., Slocomb, AL

"Speed Dawg, Just writing to advise that the shift knobs arrived yesterday - and they are awesome or as we Aussies say BLOODY BRILLIANT! Thank you and your team for the excellent workmanship - all 3 are wonderful!"

- Terry G., Sunbury, Australia

"SpeedDawg, I just ordered a shift knob and adapter for my Challenger and wanted to tell you guys thank you so much. The quality of your guys’ products is excellent, the installation guide was very helpful, and now I can shift much faster and more comfortably. Once I have a second when it’s light outside, I will take pictures of my car and the shifter and send them to you guys. Thanks again."

- Clay M., Wadsworth, OH

"Speed Dawg, I received the Dodge shift knob with the line lock button that you guys made for me and wanted to let you know that it is gorgeous! You do nice, precision work. It is like a piece of jewelry - totally bitchin'! This is going on a 1974 Power Wagon that I am redoing and this will be perfect. Thank you for doing such a great job!"

- Mike H., Covina, CA

"Hey Speed Dawg, Here are pics of the shift knob in the '16 Hellcat. Looks MINT and could not be happier. Speed Dawg has awesome products and customer service! Thank you very much."

- Bill S., Manchester, NH

"Hi, while I was waiting for this knob (which is now on the way, thanks), I was in my '61 Catalina and once again saw the B & M shift handle which I have never liked and which I couldn't get loose in the past. I finally got mad enough at it that after using WD40 penetrant, a piece of pipe, and the biggest set of channel locks I had, I got it off without breaking anything and with all the threads still good. Once in a great while, things just work out! So I ordered a plain white knob from you (order #22769). Installed it today and the results made me smile. Below are a couple of "before" shots and several "after." It really makes a big difference in the look of the interior. I couldn't be happier with it. Regards"

- Chuck J., Weatherford, TX

 "So I got my new Speed Dawg shift knob on Saturday and have had a few days to use it. I could not be happier. It looks great, is the perfect size and weight, and fits perfectly. Thank you for your quality product, great pricing and awesome customer service. I will be sure to let everyone know how pleased I am."

- Eric B., Decatur, GA

"I ordered a Speed Dawg shift knob for a Father's Day gift. The customer service was awesome!! The product was delivered as promised and on time. The quality is outstanding. He is so happy and the shift knob looks fantastic in his '85 Mustang! Thank you!"

- Kari W., Washington, UT

"Speed Dawg - Thanks! You guys are awesome. I love the shift knobs!"

 - Jomari B., Baltimore, MD

"Speed Dawg, I received my purple shift knob today and I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!!!!! Thank you so much, it's beautiful & looks awesome in my 2010 PCP Challenger SRT!!!"

- Laurie T., Apple Valley, MN

"Speed Dawg Customer Service, You guys outdid yourselves on this one (red pearl county prison shift knob). I love it, thanks for the help and the speed of delivery!"

 - Robert F., Bradley Beach, NJ

"Speed Dawg, I received my shift knob and adapter today. Let me tell you something, you absolutely nailed it!! It looks amazing! I will post photos on social media when I have a chance to clean and make it meticulous to do you justice. You absolutely exceeded my expectations! Thank you!"

- Brian M., Gardner, MA

"Dear Speed Dawg, Thank you so much for your quick reply and immediate resolution to my issue. You have provided me, not only a great product, but also the greatest customer service. From this experience I now know how strongly you stand behind your products and how dedicated you are to your customers. Today, these traits are hard to find in the profit driven companies of today. I'm proud to be your customer and now even more proud to be shifting gears with my hand on a product I purchased from an outstanding company. Thank you again and God bless."

- Austin S., Inglewood, CA

"Hey Speed Dawg, I was very impressed by the quality and how easy it was to install the new Jeep JL adapter / shift knobs. I hope the pictures I included will help people install the adapter / shift knob. It makes driving my 2018 Jeep JL sooo much better!!! The transfer case is much easier to shift into 4-Lo, that was almost impossible to do before installing this shifter / adapter. Very high quality parts. Thank you!"

- Troy G., Coral Springs, FL

"Got the Speed Dawg shift knobs today, beautiful job on the Transfer case knob.....exceptional service and quality. Thanks."

- Glen R., Lynden, WA

"Speed Dawg - Hey Bro just wanted to give you an update on the shifter I purchased off of you guys. I really love it! I ended up painting the adapter black to give the green a better pop now its time to rip some gears! Cheers!"

 - Dylan B., Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

"Speed Dawg Customer Service, Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I received and installed my shift knob today. I could not be happier with it! I also wanted to thank you for your outstanding customer service and with working with me on a custom, one of a kind design. I will definitely be talking you guys up to fellow motorheads. Will send pictures asap."

- Mark H., Gadsden, AL

"Thanks so much for bringing me back to my HS days with the addition of your products on my brand new ’19 Challenger Scat Pack. Keeping the memories of Kowalski alive and with my “Vanishing Point” car. I attached pics of the install and gassing up the car after 50 miles. This Speed Dawg shifter is the Bomb! Keep up the great work and designs."

- Arnie L., Apex, NC

"Speed Dawg, You guys did a great job. I love the shift ball, the shift pattern, everything! Thank you very much."

- Charles G.

"Speed Dawg, Just wanted to thank you for the quick service and fast shipping on the shift knob. I'm very satisfied with the quality and it's just what I was looking for."

 - Todd S., Carthage, NC

"Speed Dawg, I just received the transparent blue 5.0 shift knob for my Mustang. I love it. It's great and went right on without any problems. It's beautiful when the sun hits it which will be great for car shows. I really appreciate you guys looking out for me and helping me with this. Thank you very much!"

- Doyle B., East Alton, IL

"Speed Dawg, Received my shift knob as ordered! I love it!"

- Tony H., Fredricksburg, VA

"Thank you for the SUPER service. Speed Dawg not only provided quick shipping and easy to follow instructions, they also provided superb customer service to ensure that I received the right products to meet my needs and satisfy my expectations. 5 STAR vendor. A very satisfied Challenger Hellcat customer,"

- Carmen M., North Richland Hills, TX

"Speed Dawgs, I just wanted to say thanks again for helping me out with my specific needs for my BMW shift knob and ensuring that I had the right hardware for the job. It fits beautifully! Thanks again!"

- Michael E. Jacksonville, NC

"Speed Dawg, Thank you for the amazing customer service!"

- Chris C., Dacula, GA

"Hey Speeddawg! Attached are the pics of the installed shift knob you made for me. It is a 2016 GT with a Barton Hybrid 3 Short Throw shifter. The shift knob is awesome, I love the look! I will definitely recommend Speed Dawg to anyone looking to make their vehicle stand out.

- Patrick A., Falling Waters, WV

 "Speed Dawg, Finally got to install the knob! I'm super happy with it, looks amazing! Thanks a bunch again for taking care of me again and I'll be sure to promote you guys when I go to car meets and such. Good day to all of you!"

 - Shayne B., Quebec, Canada

"Speed Dawg, Loving this knob! Thanks for making my right hand smile again!"

- Sean A., Fontana, CA

 "SpeedDawg, I recieved my custom shift knob for my 2014 Mustang California Special in the mail today. Its awesome and looks amazing and fits perfectly on my aftermarket shifter. The comfort in shifting through the gears is way better on my new Barton short throw Shifter. Exellent quality product and was worth the wait. Thanks again. Satisfied Customer!"

- Mike E., Kansas City, KS

"Speed Dawg, Thank you. I received My order today and I am absolutely thrilled. It was exactly like the picture and even better in person. I am excited to wrap it up for Christmas, can't wait to see my dad's face when he opens it. Thank you again for the great customer service and fast response to all my questions and concerns. I will gladly order from you guys again in the future" 

- Christopher D., Canada

"Speed Dawg, Just got my 2015 Mustang GT last week. Your shift knob fit PERFECT around the reverse lockout collar. Locktite 242 worked great. Knob looks AWESOME! Put the other one on my '68 Cougar. The other one is a gift for my brother's '69 Cyclone. Thanks for everything. The craftsmanship and quality on these pieces is 2nd to none. Terrific products. Thanks again."

- Mike V., Bloomfield, CT

"Speed Dawg, Thank you sooo much...I have ordered two times in the past from you and now this one!! Because of your superior customer service reps, and products of course, I will be ordering more in the future!!!!!"

- Damon M., Indianapolis, IN

"Speed Dawg, Thank you so much for the excellent customer service!"

- Mike C., Port Huron, MI

"Speed Dawg, I wanted to let you know that I received my Blue Multi Skull shift knob and I am very pleased with it. I got it installed in my CJ5 and it looks fantastic. It makes a big difference in the interior and feels very durable. Thanks for a great product! I am really happy with it!"

- Arthur B., Phoenix, AZ

"Speed Dawg, Thanks for being awesome!"

 - CS M., Des Moines, IA

"I just received my Speed Dawg shift knob for my 2015 Camaro SS 1LE. The look and feel are incredible. The installation was beyond easy and I am very happy I ordered it. Thanks for a great product!"

- Gary H., Canton, GA

"I received my Speed Dawg shift ball and it's awesome! I can't wait to use it. It looks great! Thank you!"

- Wilmoth J., St Croix, USVI

"Dear Speed Dawg Customer Service, I was very pleased when I received my order for 4 different shift knobs for my vehicles. On your suggestion, I chose the "Medium Blue" for my 2010 Challenger R/T Classic in B5 Blue. The color match is so good, I've attached a couple of photos. It really brightens up the interior. I will have the Challenger on the show field for the Chrysler Show showing off the awesome knob. Thank you for offering a fine US made product."

- Paul B., Pasadena, MD

"Hi guys. I just received my Speed Dawg shift knob, very happy with it and your service, I may be ordering another one soon :-)"

- Thanks, David E., Perth, Australia

"Simply awesome company! I had a question on my custom shift knob and Chris called me back within an hour of leaving them an email. I am extremely happy with the quality product I received. Makes my 78 Corvette look sweet! Thanks again!"

 - Jim B., Park Ridge, IL

"Just received my Dodge Dart adapter and I can honestly say I am impressed with the quality and craftsmanship! Thank you very much. You have no idea how elated I am!"

- Justin V., Findlay, OH

"Speed Dawg, You made a shifter knob for my 86 Mustang convertible, which has a 5.8 liter Windsor. The knob exactly repeats the 5.8 emblem on the front fenders. It debuted at the Mustang 50th anniversary celebration in Charlotte, NC where I ran the car in the open track events. The knob is perfect. You rock."

- Randy C.

"Speed Dawg, I would like to say that your customer service is the best of best I have ever experienced!!"

- Best Regards, Jeong L., British Columbia, Canada

"Speed Dawg, I just wanted to tell you that I received my shift knob a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe how nice it is.The size the shift pattern the color. It's black with a silver marbled look and it looks awesome. I want you to know that I think your work is beautiful and you guys should be proud."

- Thanks, Kevin O., Cincinnati, OH

"Speed Dawg, I have received the shift knob. I have to say it was worth the wait. Very happy with the product! Well done!"

- Joe R., British Columbia, Canada

"I installed a Speed Dawg shift knob on my sponsored 2013 Mustang GT and I will never use another shift knob. It's great! I love it!"

- Nikki F., Philadelphia, PA

"Speed Dawg, Awesome job guys!!! Excellent quality and it turned out exactly how I imagined it."

- Chris I., Crawford, TX

"Evening Speed Dawg, This note is for Chris, who provided excellent service and a beautiful shift knob for my GT350. Attached are a couple of pics. Just wanted you guys to see the results. You can see I reused the MGW jam nut and got what I think is a perfect fit and look. Thanks again for a great product and fantastic service."

- Mike S., Alexandria, VA

"Thank You Speed Dawg!!! The shift knob arrived today. It's awesome! Very pleased. Haven't shown it to my boyfriend yet but he's going to be way happy!! Thanks again for the excellent customer service! ! ! !"

- Tasha R., Carmel Valley, CA

"Just received my new Speed Dawg shift knob and it is beautiful! Thanks guys!"

- Jim Y., Delano, TN

"Speed dawg - Great product! I love it, it is better that I had expected!"

- Donnie H., Hermiston, OR

"Speed Dawg, Awesome customer service! Can't wait to install and row thru gears."

- Lenin C., Houston, TX

Speed Dawg, What a phenomenal experience! These guys are the real deal. I ordered knobs for a Christmas present, and got an immediate call from Chris to confirm something I had asked for. Turned out I had ordered the wrong color, and he caught it in time so the order would come for the holiday. He spent a ton of time and effort looking for exactly what I wanted, went down to the warehouse to find it, took a photo of the knobs and emailed it to me just to make sure. Highly professional guy and great company with top quality products and service. Thanks!

- Claudia G.

"Thanks Speed Dawg! The shift knob came in and looks fantastic!"

- Kyle H., Groton, CT

"Speed Dawg - Hi, I received my shift knob today and it looks amazing! Thank you for a product of such great quality! Have a good day!"

- Brendan J., Engadine, Australia

 "Speed Dawg, Received the Ivory Wrangler knob very quickly. Looks great in the Jeep and was simple to install. Shared some pics on FaceBook...Got a bunch of likes! Thanks!"

- Jason C., Fishers, IN

"To Everyone at Speed Dawg. Thank you so much for getting my order delivered on time. This made my brothers day since we aren't able to all be together. Thank you once again for making the Christmas Magic happen! From, a very happy customer."

- Bryan

"Lovin my new Speed Dawg shift knob on my 6spd Trans am.....thanks guys!"

- Derek B.

"Speed Dawg, Thank you for taking my call. I lover your company!"

- David C., Roanoke, VA

"Speed Dawg, Got the knob....came on Saturday.  Just wanted to say Thank You for another excellent job.  My wife loves the knob so much."

- Patrick N., Montgomery, AL

"Thanks Speed Dawg! Very happy with my shift knob, it looks awesome!"

 - Marcus B., Thousand Oaks, CA

"Speed Dawg, Just added your Shift Knob to top off my Barton shifter in my Challenger. Looks great and was a pleasure to work with you."

- David M., Northfield, MN

"The Speed Dawg shift knob arrived safely and has been properly installed. IT IS AWESOME! Great job and it really "pops" with the inside of my School Bus Yellow 2013 Boss 302; a great compliment to my Back Seat Delete X-Bar I had put in in School Bus Yellow too. Again, thanks for an awesome product for my shift knob."

- Sincerely, Danny M.,

"I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you guys for the great shifter knob I received and for the help in choosing the right adapter. Installation was very easy and the quality is top notch!"

- Rick C., Chicago, IL

"Speed Dawg, Thank you guys for the awesome shift knob!"

- Dan S., Johnstown, PA

"Speed Dawg, Just got it!! Thank you all AGAIN!! Man you guys are the best! Love it! Can't wait to show it off!"

- Mike V., Holland, MA

"My Speed Dawg knob is awesome! The fit and finish are perfect for my Z06 Corvette. I've already had compliments on it. Also, thank you for the great service when I needed to make a change to my order. I appreciate the follow-up to make sure that I was satisfied."

- Bill K., Rockwall, TX

"I would just like to write and tell you how pleased I am with my shift knob and your company. Not only did I get an amazing product, but your employees took the time to call me and inform me that they could custom make my knob and actually save me money by not having to buy a universal adapter for my 2004 GTO. There are not many companies with such integrity as yours that will actually lose money to take care of a customer and inform them of products you make that they did not know about. Most companies would just take the money and send what was ordered. Truly refreshing to deal with a great American company as yours. I cannot say enough how pleased I am with your beautiful shift knob! It has changed the way my whole shifter feels for the better. All my shift knobs will be purchased from Speed Dawg from here on out. You earned a lifetime customer! Thanks again!"

- Chris S., Williamsburg, VA

"Just got my custom shift knob. I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks guys!"

– Ed C., Fredricksburg, VA

"I received my Speed Dawg shift knob a couple of days ago and I have installed it. What a nice product! It fits fine, and the craftsmanship of the knob and adapter is top notch. It was well worth the wait while you made it up for me! I will recommend your product to all of my 6-speed Camaro club members. Thank you."

– Lloyd B., Dothan, AL

"I have well received your shift knob and the product is just awesome! Fits perfectly! Great job! Thanks"

– Stefano O., Aargau, Switzerland

"Speed Dawg, Received my order and it is excellent. It will look great on  my classic Pontiac. Good job! Thanks"

 - John H., Canal Fulton, OH

"Speed Dawg, Thank you very much – my order arrived today and it’s exactly what I special ordered. Your company is great!"

- Cheryl F., Vienna, VA

"Just wanted to drop you an email and let you know that the Speed Dawg knob arrived yesterday and got installed immediately. Just had my first chance to try it out and I will say it makes a big difference in driving the car. I love it! Such a big change for a small cost. Thanks again!"

- Scott S., Columbia, SC

"The quality of Speed Dawg shift knobs is second to none. Mine looks INCREDIBLE. It was the perfect custom touch to my interior and Hurst shifter. I'd recommend Speed Dawg to anyone looking for that special custom touch."

- Bryan M., Copiague, NY

"G'day guys, My shift knob turned up today and it looks awesome! Very happy with it! The threads were spot on and the ball itself is very nice! Thanks again."

- Paul H., Queensland, Australia

"I just received my shift knob and I wanted to say that it exceeds my expectations. It is a very nice piece."

– Mark A., Cleveland, OH

"Every once in a while everyone wants to express themselves a little. My totally custom, one-of-a-kind Rally Striped Speed Dawg knob not only gave me an outlet for my expression, but is a perfect match for my Ford Racing prepared '07 Mustang GT500. In a word, it's SICK! Thanks Speed Dawg."

- Ray C., Austin, TX

"I have two of your shift knobs and love your products. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Mark G., Hamburg, NY

"Just wanted to say thank you. The shift knob with the switch is the best and made me feel safer in the car with the button on my shifter rather than on the dash. "GREAT PRODUCT" and looks super too!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again, everybody should have a SPEED DAWG in their car!!"

- Big John, Philadelphia, PA 2004 C5 Corvette

"Got my Speed Dawg ball today. That was way sooner than I expected. Looks awesome. Thank you so much."

- Charlie H., Sugar Land, TX

"Speed Dawg, Received the knob today and it looks awesome. Thanks guys."

 - Mike B., Lasalle, Ontario, Canada

"Just wanted to say I LOVE THE SHIFTER! THANK YOU!"

- Derek B., Summerfield, FL

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the shift knob and that thing is so totally bad ass! The pictures on your site and in your catalog don't do your knob any justice! I'm just so totally stoked at your product! Best regards."

- Erik D., Paramount, CA

"Speed Dawg, Thanks, U guys really rock!!"

- Jay V., Cayey, PR

"Aloha. This is Eric from Hawaii. I received my 2 Rally Z51 knobs today, and they look awesome. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the GREAT, SUPER SERVICE, and high quality products......... THANK YOU....."

- Eric K., Waipahu, HI

"We received the ivory Speed Dawg Classic Series shift knob and wanted to let you know how pleased we are. The size is perfect and feels great. We also like the clean, simple look. It represents the interior of our '32 Roadster perfectly and even matches the Auto Meter gauges. Thank you for a great product!"

- Darrell, EZ Works Street Rods, Spring, TX

"Got my Speed Dawg knob & installed it. Looks awesome & works great! I could NOT be happier! Thanks for working with me on my specific request. Your product quality is awesome! Keep up the good work!"

- Bill S., Maple Grove, MN

"Received the Speed Dawg knob in 2 days, in time for her first cruise. Great looking knob & service. Thanks."

- Andy B., Belle Vernon, PA

"I wanted to let you know that I am more than happy with my Speed Dawg shift knob. It looks good, feels great and matches the interior of my Porsche perfectly. I've gotten a bunch of compliments already. It is a fantastic piece!"

- Bill Y., Roseville, MI

"Thanks for the great service. I just received my Speed Dawg shift knob and I am very satisfied! I will surely recommend and be doing business with you again. Thank you!"

- Alfred O.,

"I just received my custom Speed Dawg Airbrushed shift knob and wanted to thank you because it is fantastic! The quality is superb and it just looks perfect. Thank you for a great, great job. You guys are the best!"

- Dan C., Grand Rapids, MI

"I wanted to thank you on the custom shifter knob you put together for me. Looks great, very nice piece. Thanks."

- Tony D., Pilesgrove, NJ

"Just got the custom Speed Dawg grabber orange knob today. Looks great! Thanks again. Makes my gt500 just that much different."

- Jeremiah F., Fort Belvoir, VA

"You did an awesome, awesome, awesome job! I'm ecstatic! Everything about my custom set of Speed Dawg shift knobs is perfect."

- Mike D., Lakewood, CO

"I just received my custom Speed Dawg shift knob and it is absolutely gorgeous. I am 100% satisfied. Thank you!"

- Dennis S., Baltimore, MD

"Speed Dawg Racing is the best shift knob company in America and their Racing Series shift knobs are the best on the market!"

- Spencer C., Weatherford, TX

"I love my Speed Dawg shift knob. The quality, fit and finish are second to none. It's just a great product!"

- Mark P., Avoda, VA

"I love my custom Speed Dawg shift knob! Excellent quality and excellent service. I have gotten a ton of complements!"

- Dan H., Fairview Park, OH

"Thanks @speeddawgshiftknobs ! You never disappoint! Just pure perfection. Best knob company out there imo!"

– Shelby A., IN

"Speed Dawg knobs are unique above all! Quality craftsmanship that really sets off the interior! I have the glitter-injected knob and I love it when the light hits it!"

– Louis A., Los Angeles, CA

"My shift knob looks very nice. I’m happy with the workmanship and the customer service."

– Gary H., New Milford, CT

"LOVE MY SHIFT KNOB!! It FREAKIN' RULEZ!!! Can't wait to get the Pro Street out and get to ROWING through the gearz!!!!"

– Jon W., Davenport, IA

"Speed Dawg knobs are definitely slick! That's why I have 4 of them"

- Sonny F., Champaign, IL

"Speed Dawg, We love your shift knobs and use them in all of the cars on our race team! The button on the knob works great for activating our radios."

- Greg O., Vacaville, CA

"My custom shift knob just arrived and I couldn't wait to try it out. The Black with the Red Rally Stripes and 6 spd pattern look awesome and the White 442 on the sides is the icing on the cake. Thanks for a great product!"

- Wayne G., Queensland, Australia

"I got the Speed Dawg shift knob in the mail tonight when I got home from work and I placed it on my Mustang. It looks great and fits so snug. I am impressed with the color match to the Grabber blue color. I am so happy. Thank you for all your assistance in making sure the correct size shipped to me. I appreciate it."

- Paige J., Santee, CA

"My Speed Dawg knob works great! Really looks cool!"

– Wayne B., Dallas, TX

"Great job Speed Dawg! I got it (Mustang GT Shift Knob) today, very fast, I love it too. I recommend you to anyone in the market. Your guy did a great job on the phone. He was knowledgeable about the product and honest too. The whole nine yards. I was in the market for a month and have nothing good to say about the three other shift knob companies I spoke with but you came through and I will purchase again. Thank you very much!"

 – Lonnie H., Lincoln Park, MI

"I purchased one of the Speed Dawg flamed hot rod series knobs with a line lock button for drag racing. It looks fantastic and works great!"

- Randy S., Cutler, IN

"My Speed Dawg shift knob is the finishing touch for my interior. I love it!"

– David M., Hockessin, DE

"The Pantera shift knob arrived today and it is beautiful!!! Thanks for getting it to
me exactly when you said it would be here and filling my custom order perfectly."

– Terry S., Bucyrus, OH

"Just ordered!  Thanks again for a FANTASTIC Speed Dawg experience!"

– Fred D., Edison, NJ

"The Black with Red accents Speed Dawg shift knob came in and is one nice piece of work. The quality is exceptional; I'm very picky and even I can't find anything that could be done better. Also, I didn't realize that custom order knobs could be sized so that adapters wouldn't be necessary. Very nice touch."

- Chris B., Phoeniz, AZ

"I received the Rally Series shift knob for my new Camaro. It is awesomely unique and really tops off the interior of the vehicle. I really like it!"

- James N., Ashburn, VA

"I got the newest Pinstripe knob and it looks great! Very unique. I am very happy with both of my Speed Dawg knobs and I like that you can get custom orders. I will definitely get another one. You have a great selection to choose from and they feel comfortable in your hand."

- Paul I., Williamston, MI

"Speed Dawg, Thank you again for the great products and service. I wish all of America operated the same way."

- Arthur B.

"The customer service was superior and the product quality is exceptional. We received exactly what we asked for. My father and I have been customizing cars our entire lives and Speed Dawg was the first manufacturer to ever call us to make sure that we were happy with the product."

- Brian G., Donalsonville, GA

"I ordered the Speed Dawg Classic Series - Orange Clear Splash and it is a very beautiful shift knob. It accents the interior of my car very well. I have been getting compliments ever since I got it. I even posted photos of it on my facebook page."

- John H., Loganville, GA

 "Speed Dawg, Even after speaking to your staff on the phone I still managed to place an incorrect order on your web site BUT you guys are so great that I received a phone call in about 5 min after I placed the order. The customer service rep remembered what I wanted to order and very politely asked if I still wanted what we talked about and I said yes and he said that is not what I ordered. So he cancelled that order and sent me the link to what I wanted.
I am not a gear head and customer service rep walked me through it and answered all my questions. Thanks for everything!!!!"

- Erik P., New York, NY

"Just received my custom Shifter Ball from Speed Dawg! It's awesome! First class customer service and the quality is second to none!"

- Dave J., Mesa, AZ

"I am very pleased with Speed Dawg shift knobs. They have a comfortable feel and look great. The designs are outstanding. That's why I have 4 of them and if I had another manual shift car I'd buy another one."

- Nathan E., Arvada, CO

"I wanted you and everyone to see how awesome the Real Fire airbrushed shift knob looks on the Grabber Orange GT. I received many "wows" and "cools" at the local car show here in Dallas. Your customer service is stellar!"

- Wendy S., Dallas, TX

"I drove my '35 Ford to work today and everybody commented on the Speed Dawg shift knob. It fit perfectly, looks good and works nice. I'm a very satisfied customer."

- Bob R., Novato, CA

"Speed Dawg, I just wanted to write and say thanks for the shift knob. It looks great! Great customer service and I won't hesitate to recommend. Best."

- Phil., Plymouth Mtg, PA

 "I have a '56 Harley Davidson panhead chopper with Hot Rod Purple Flake paint and the Speed Dawg knob matched perfectly. I'm very happy. It looks great and is just what I was looking for."

- Carter F., Fremont, CA

"My order arrived really quick and the Speed Dawg knob looks killer! This one is going into a 1938 Chris-Craft Hot Rod boat. The knob is perfect."

- John R., Cottonwood, CA

"Dear Speed Dawg Shift Knobs, The shift knob arrived safely. The parts fit perfectly. The instructions were clear. It looks great. I am a satisfied customer!"

- Wes B., Denver, CO

"I was looking for the perfect shift knob for my C5 Corvette when I came across the Speed Dawg web site. I placed an order and couldn't be happier. The knob is great! Thank you guys!"

- Kevin R., Severn, MD

"I love my Speed Dawg shift knob. It's a great piece and is the perfect fit for my car. I love the Dawg logo and it is totally cool how the graphics are deep inside the knob so they will not wear off. The installation was easy. The knob went from the mailbox to being installed on my shifter within 15 minutes."

- Mike B., Rockville, MD

"I got my Speed Dawg knob and it is amazing...better than I hoped. Here's a picture of it in the 'stang. Thanks again."

- Don W., Temple, TX

"Speed Dawg, I think that your product is the best on the market. It fits great and can really jam gears. the grip is fabulous. I love it!"

- Mark W., Delta, UT

"Thank you. I received my order today and I am absolutely thrilled. It was exactly like the picture and even better in person. I am excited to wrap it up for Christmas and can't wait to see my dad's face when he opens it. Thank you again for the great customer service and fast response to all my questions and concerns. I will gladly order from you guys again in the future."

- Chris D.,

"I received the custom Speed Dawg knob for my Grabber Blue Mustang and wanted to let you know that it exceeded my expectations. I am very happy. You have a great product."

- Tom P., Blairsville, PA

"I got my Speed Dawg shift knob and it looks great! It is the best looking shift ball I've ever seen. Thanks."

- Steve F., Santa Cruz, CA

"Speed Dawg, I cannot believe how great the customer service has been, absolutely amazing. Thank you for everything over the past weeks."

- Helen M., Whittier, CA

"Speed Dawg Crew, I just received my custom shift knob and it is awesome! You guys did a great job so I am ordering two more! Thank you very much!"

- Tom M., Oceanside, NY

"Speed Dawg, I installed the shift knob. Two thumbs up!! Thank you. Best Regards."

- Zeta C., Hong Kong

"I just received my Speed Dawg shift knob and it is absolutely beautiful. The color matches my Corvette perfectly. Great job and thanks for the great communication with me throughout the ordering process."

- Craig S., Zanesville, OH

"I just received my Speed Dawg knob and I'm very happy with the service. Thanks guys!"

- Kasey J., Oologah, OK

"I want to thank you for your wonderful service. From initial contact to delivery, it has been a pleasure to select and purchase my new shift knob. Your website is organized, informative and very user-friendly. I received an email notification immediately after my purchase and then only several hours later another notification acknowledging my special request for the order. And then when I decided to exchange my item for another one, you didn't blink an eye and facilitated that exchange effortlessly! This is first class service. Certainly one of the very best online buying experiences I have had in years! Man, I wish all companies I deal with were like you guys! Thanks!"

- Richard W., Charlottesville, VA

"Love my Speed Dawg shifter ball! Just wanted you to know that I thought it came out great."

- Dwain J., Hutto, TX

"My wife and I have six classic/hotrod/pro touring type Studebakers and GTO’s all with manual transmissions. The interiors are all original or finished but each had the stock or TKO included knob; you know OK but just blah. Speed Dawg changed that. We ordered three knobs and were so pleased with the results we now have three additional custom knobs ordered. By the way, service is fast and terrific!"

- David D., Corpus Christi, TX

"Got the custom ivory 2 1/8" flame knob with 6 speed engraved pattern. It is freaking AWESOME, better than expected. Thanks so much."

- Jonathan L., Cherry Hill, NJ

"Thank you Speed Dawg. I love my new shift ball!! Looks amazing!"

- Tyler Q., Reading, PA

"You guys are awesome. I got the knob today and I love it. It's for a 2011 Honda civic. Thank you so much!"

- Jeremiah R., Ipswich, MA

"Love my new edition,. The color is awesome, details are excellent, and the installation was a snap.
Thanks Speed Dawg team !!

- Bob O.

"I recently received and installed a Speed Dawg custom shifter knob on my 68 Camaro. On 12/10 I took my Camaro out of storage (I live in Minnesota) to give a man with brain cancer his wish to ride in a Camaro. He's always wanted to own a Camaro but that wish wasn't going to come true. When I helped him in my car, the first thing he noticed was the shifter knob. It put a smile on his face and he said that was something he would have done to his car too. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and an even bigger smile on the face of a man dying of cancer."

- Duane C., Dayton, MN

"Speed Dawg did incredible work with my request. I highly recommend these guys, their customer service was outstanding and their shift knobs are 2nd to none!!"

- Alex Q., Raleigh, NC

"Just got my new shift knob and all I can say is it's awesome. Great product. It is going to look very cool in my '58 Ford F-100. Thanks for an awesome shift knob."

- Scott E., Aurora, IL

"Speed Dawg Team...I wanted to say THANK YOU for ANOTHER fantastic shift knob for my 2015 Mustang GT. Like the Knob you did for me on my GT500, the quality fit and finish is superb, and the customer support is fantastic. THANK YOU ALL!!!"

- Fred D., Bridgewater, NJ

"I just received my Speed Dawg knob and it is outstanding. Perfect size. You did a hell of a job. Exceptional work. Thank you for your efforts."

- Jim P., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I'm the guy that bought the Speed Dawg airbrushed basketball shift knob for the Honda Civic SI. Just wanted you to know that it fit perfectly with the adapter that you gave me. My son loved it too. It's really a cool product. Thanks again"

- Charlie G, Boston, MA

"Thanks Speed Dawg. We love your shift knobs. This is our third."

- Brian B., Bradenton, FL

"SPEED DAWG shifter knob came in over the weekend- EXCELLENT- LOVE IT!"

- Damon M., Enumclaw, WA

"Speed Dawg customer service was excellent. They answered all my questions and made me feel like I was their only PRIORITY."

- Tim C., Hannibal, NY

"I received my Speed Dawg knob today and was very impressed. It looks great in my '69 Camaro. Thanks so much."

- Mark S., New Freedom, PA

"I just got my Speed Dawg shift knob (blue with white stripes and logo) and it is awesome! It was definitely worth the wait. Thanks so much and thanks for all the help when I was placing my order."

- David F., San Francisco, CA

 "Hello, Received the Speed Dawg shifter knob and attached it to my 2015 Mustang. It looks great! Thank you for great service and helpfulness in my selection. This is my second purchase from you and have been satisfied with both. Thanks."

- Brian M., Hagerstown, MD

 "I received my Speed Dawg shift knob yesterday and installed it right away. It's a fantastic work of art and looks great in my Mustang. Thanks again for everything."

- Adam C., Wichita Falls, TX

"Speed Dawg, You guys are great, really appreciate the quick response, and the installation details. You just made a sale to a guy who was going to pay a machine shop to make an adapter for his 'ol Mr. Gasket 4 speed shifter. You saved me a few bucks and the setup is going to enhance the "stock" nostalgic look in my 50 Merc with your Restoration Series Shift Knob. Thanks again!"

- Joe V., Lake Havasu City, AZ

"Speed Dawg - Thank you for the two shift knobs for my Subaru. They are terrific!!! The quality is excellent and they are far superior to "(another brand)" shifter knobs. The size is perfect and the install was quick! Somehow the gear shift lever seems to shift smoother (quicker)!? Needless to say I am very impressed and pleased with your product!!!"

- Sincerely, Vern S., Willow Street, PA

"It was great doing business with you Speed Dawg! I just received my Gotta Have It Green BOSS shifter knob and it looks awesome! I will be doing business with you again!"

- Heath B., Sioux City, IA

"I just wanted to say I received the Speed Dawg ball shifter and I am very happy. Thank you!"

- Yannick R., Quebec, Canada

"I placed an order for a shift knob with another supplier that Speeddawg provides shift knobs to, and after attending a car show over the weekend realized that I need to make a change. After trying to reach the original source to no avail, I called directly into Speeddawg and left a message. As busy as they are, they still returned my call late that evening and after looking through the orders, found mine and made the necessary changes. It was just easy and the guy that called me back was simply a nice person to deal with. So rare in fact, that I wrote this review. I don't write reviews…just this one! Thanks Speeddawg!!"

- Todd H., Charlotte, NC

"I received the Camaro Rally Stripe shift knob and boot retainer the other day and finally got to put it on yesterday. It looks fabulous! So happy with it. Thanks for the great customer service too!"

- Chelsea P., Albuquerque, NM

"Speed Dawg, The blue pearl shift knob arrived for my Porsche and it is awesome! I also want to thank you for all of the help when ordering. You did everything under the sun to help me and I really appreciate it. I wanted to let you know that I am a very satisfied customer."

- Tony V.,Covington, TN

"I received my Speed Dawg gearshift knobs and I am completely impressed. The quality is exceptional! They will both look great with my '82 5.0 GT."

- Stephen B., Rutland, VT

"I was shipped a brand new Speed Dawg shift knob and it is perfect. Thank you for the quick turn around and the absolute no hassle top notch customer service."

- John B., Edwards, IL

"I received my Speed Dawg gearshift knob and I am just absolutely thrilled with it! It is exactly what I wanted. The workmanship is second to none. The engraving is just perfect! I couldn't be happier with it.......thank you so much for your putting up with my indecision at the time of ordering. I just put it in my '69 Corvette as per your instructions and it just looks great! It fits my hand a lot better because it's larger and I have large hands. Been looking for something like this for a long time. I'm so happy with your product and your communication with us......I'm so happy with it. Just wanted to let you know."

- Bruce U., Locust Grove, VA

"Just wanted to say a massive thanks for sorting out that little glitch in my order and resupplying a fab new white-striped gear knob for my Jaguar. Here's a picture. Perfect match to the exterior paint job. Great job!"

- Andy M., Salisbury, England

"I received my Speed Dawg knob and the quality is excellent! It also arrived in a timely manner. Your representative was very informative and easy to talk to. He took the time to make sure that I had exactly what I needed, I would recommend this product to anybody. Thank you!"

- Robert C., Troy, MT

"I have had many shift knobs in my car over time but the Speed Dawg knob is by far the best one. Thank you for a great product!."

- Rick L., Las Vegas, NV

"Speed Dawg, Got the shift knob and the boot retainer, all I can say is WOW it looks awesome and great quality. Thank you so much!"

- Manuel G., Miami, FL

"I wish I had more cars, that would mean more Speed Dawg knobs! The first one I ordered looks really cool!!"

- Gary S., Lafayette, CO

"I received today from SpeedDawg perhaps the most genuine, concise customer service that I have experienced. I'll go all out with a red SpeedDawg logo. Please send me another knob. Go SpeedDawgs!"

- John L., Jacksonville, FL

"Just wanted to say thank you for providing a quality product…absolutely looks awesome…fit and finish!!! Well worth the wait!! Thanks again!"

- James W., Omaha, NE

"Got my shift knob today and just got out of work early cause its a blizzard here. Going out to the garage to put it on!!! Thanks SPEEDDAWG my shift knob rocks!!!!!"

- Trip D., Chicopee, MA

"I just wanted to say what an awesome job you guys did on my shift knob! Its everything I hoped for and then some. Has a nice sturdy feel and the 5.0 logo on the side really tops it off. The quality it second to none. Just have to wait for the 2014 Mustang GT to get delivered! Thanks again, and I will definitely send my family and friends your way in the future. Thanks Again!"

- Joey, Essex County, NJ

"The Speed Dawg Rally shift knob fits my 2011 JCW Mini Cooper like a factory part with a Racing Look. Thank You, for a great looking, high quality product."

- Eric K., Waipahu, HI

"Just wanted to say thank you for everything. I received my shifter knob and installed it and everything is just as I ordered. The knob looks great in my mustang, I am very pleased with it. Also sent some pictures for you to see. Thanks again."

- Michael S.

"Awesome, is probably the right word to qualify the customer service of Speed Dawg. In addition knobs provided are simply perfect. A Great thanks to the entire team for the good communication during the sales process and after the delivery. If you are searching for Knobs, stop here you are on the right place."

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"Hello SpeedDawg, just wanted to thank you for making the shift knob for me. When I began to imagine what type and color of knob I wanted for my car I had no idea that somebody actually made such a combination and I had never heard of your company before. I started searching online to see if I could find something close enough to suit me and found your website. Bingo! There it was! I know this is going to make me look stupid, but I was so excited to find it that I ordered the colors backward by mistake. The next day I realized my mistake and sent an email hoping to get it changed before it was too late. Somebody at your company emailed me right back and said no problem, they would take care of it. They did and I received it a couple of days later.
I know it's "only a simple shift knob" and no big deal to most people, but for me, it is going into a very special car that I have been rebuilding slowly for nearly six years now, and I probably have another two years to go before it will be on the road. Every part on this car has been chosen for a specific reason, and it is a very big deal to me. The knob you made is now one of those parts. Your customer service is every bit as fine as the knobs you make and I could not be more satisfied. I will be happy to recommend you and your products to others and I wanted you to know that. Thanks again."

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